Need the community opinion on rejected Children's track


Hi folks. Need your help with this children track. Any ideas on why this item was rejected? I assume the arrangemenet may seem too plain and/or the melody is not that “commercial”, although i was pretty sure it’d be approved…

Will appreciate your opinion and advice.


Maybe the melody is not that commercial as you said. Everything else is ok to me.


Sorry but the melody is not good! You’ve got some weird accidentals happening in there that are definitely not in key, it made me laugh at first but not in a good way unfortunately. Keep the melodic structure the same just fix those accidentals and it would be fine!


hi! nice idea!
mmh some critical points
sec: 0:06 - something weird happens … you put a note that sounds out of tone (G Flat? really?). same in 0:50… etc. maybe do a melodic line more simple and clear … catchy- don’t know. From 1:28 it’s ok to me, but you choose an ending a little bit abrupt ?,


I think because the dissonant note in the teme,too early for kids to understand also low frequences levels too strong ,cut down from 50 K (I’ll catch you on your sound cloud page)


Thanks for your help everyone. So, there was something with the melody after all…
I’ll try to take this frustrating rejection as a lesson for my future works then.
Cheers and good luck!