Need Support to install my first Drupal 8.4.2 with porto Theme

Hi community,

It is my first installation of Drupal 8.4.2 ! I am an analyst and I used to be an ancient Java Developer but there is something wrong with theme PORTO we bought last week.

I succeed installed Drupal 8.4.2 with standard BARTIK theme et everythng work. I watched video tutorial and :

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I start D8 theme installation by coppying all modules insides into the server directory …/modules in the root directory of the website.
Then i switched to module administration tab and I activate all module of PORTO appearing in the console
Then I try copying the content of into …/themes/custom/porto/

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What wrong ! After that my website is a blank page due to an error and I never have access to administration page of the website. My only alternative is overwrite drupal file to restart installation?

would you please help?

PS: I work directly online behind the adress

In case of interest:

Hi Ki-Themes,

Thanks for your advices and proposition. I may be interested by your offer because we want to go ahead with Drupal 8 and I don’t want to be block by details due to misknowledge. Our organisation is a Think Tank. I am a business analyst and I understand technical aspects of PHP, Drupal, CMS, YAML etc… but I have a lake of practice since several years because I do not develop a lot today. So I am interested but I need for this price to be sure to have a support and a way I will understand what you did because we will continue and guaranty developments for our organisation afterwards.

We need a Drupal 8.4.2 with Porto in a Multisite configuration.

  • The main site may be the standard introduction site of the organisation under Porto (who we are)

  • The first subsite under sub-Porto theme may be a review of press articles and I will also be interested to include a new type of node as Press Review Article

I may be able at the end to continue the work by configuring the other sub-site

Do you thing is possible?

Your sincerely

is it possible to make the content of blocks in demo version as language indipendent? I think some blocks are tied to english language, as if i completely remove english (i want only italian), some blocks in home will completely vanish… thanks