Need suggestions on where to get the best Audio Mixing Lessons


Hi, I’m a newcomer to AudioJungle. I just had my first piece of music rejected due to not meeting the audio mixing standards.

I am looking for suggestions on where to get the best Audio Mixing lessons. As I work during the day, I basically need a crash course. Something that explains the basics in a short span of time. I already know of the lessons at, but I’m sure there are many others. My DAW is Logic Pro 9



Music Tech Help Guy on YouTube. I would consider also to upgrading to Logic X.


+1 on that.

Also, The Recording Revolution on YouTube. 80% of my mixing knowledge is from there.


I like this guy. He is pretty thorough. Prosoundformula He has some free stuff and some pay stuff.


A couple recommendations for you:

Mixing Secrets by Mike Senior is a helpful book to read and refer to.

Great tutorials online at


I always thought that You feel it or not …


Thanks for the replies and the recommendations, guys. My only concern with doing the whole “free tutorials on the internet” is that I might be gathering information in a very disorganized manner, and chances are I’m gonna end up with a lot of disjointed information. I just want to make sure I learn this in a thorough organized matter. The way I see it, first, I wanna master the basics of Mixing so that I can produce material that meets the requirements on Audiojungle and other stock music websites. Once I have that, I can then start taking separate courses/tutorials for more specific mixing skills. But at least as far as the basics, I wanna make sure I have all the information in the most organized way.

#8 That’s the guy a lot and in detail explains all sorts of tricks