Need Suggestion To Improvise My Website Design


Hello, everyone, I need a suggestion design wise, I have created a website for my client but the problem is that they didn’t satisfy with my work, could anyone suggest me any good idea to improvisation, I appreciate if someone suggests me any creative idea, kindly review the website which

Thank you


The home page animations are too slow. also the slider animation is too much. it would be nice if its get reduced.


My opinion:

  1. The page is much too long.
  2. Everything is too slow (video background, long page, lots of large images, lots of animations, fixed background, etc)
  3. Design wise, the thing that ruins the design is all of the background images. I think the stock images always look “cheesy”, you should reduce space between each section, and try just using white on some backgrounds. So if I were you I would have a layout like: video header, then white background with content, then an image background, then white background, then image background, then white background, then footer. Or something like that, but image backgrounds down the whole page does not look good and always increases load time. Go for a cleaner look, and also when choosing images make sure they all “brand” together well. Even though 2 images might both be really nice, they both may not work together well.

This is what I think, hopefully it may help. Cheers.


Thank you Krucial, such a supportive info you provided, now I will implement your suggested things.

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Sure Varun thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile:

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