Need Suggestion to improve Template Kit

Hello Everyone!!

I am about to submit a template kit with the name ‘Hotux - Hotel and Resort Template Kit’.
Hotux – Hotel and Resort Template Kit .

And i want your suggestion and feedback.Can you please help me on this?

PSD Version: Hotux – Hotel and Resort PSD Template by SauravNiroula | ThemeForest

HTML Version: Hotux - Hotel & Resort HTML5 Template by bizberg_themes | ThemeForest (submitted and approved from other account)

Thank you in advance!!

Presumably the original author has given you all the relevant consent to convert it and submitted a ticket o envato explaining this so that you can add the ticket ID to your submissions?

Actually i am the original author of this design and content and asked bizberg theme to work on the html template version later after the psd approval…should i still require the ticked ID during my item submission?

How can I get permission from another author for converting one template to another?

If the original design is yours then there’s no need to do more

Can you provide me feedback to improve my kit?

It looks good - can’t see any obvious front end issues