Need suggestion about why this logo was hard rejected?

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hi I rather like it but to be honest this is still rather easy to redo and I assume that this is limiting somehow a bit the commercial potential of the item indeed. I also think that the imbrication of both text and illustration parts could be improved a little bit to increase homogeneity a bit, though this is also true that the shape that u used for the illustration will not allow u to make something that looks perfect about it anyways. As far the vertical version pls pay attention about the spacing for illustration, name and tagline, all should rather have an equivalent gap in between. Do not get me wrong the typo is clean but honestly this is still a bit flat as u have no font combination and little variations and that original touches are missing so that u did not really manage to generate some significant relief this far , in my view. I think that this is not superfluous reminding u off the fact that here typo is probably the most important issue of all and definitely one of the top focuses at the very least no matter where u are posting. I guess it would not hurt also if u could come up with a bit of a more elaborated preview, using mockups for instance so that customers can have a better understanding of how it would look, not to mention that the preview file is essential since the preview file is indeed the interface between u and your work and the reviewer and potential buyer


Thank you for your wise suggestions. It will help to increase my creative thinking process. I must say you are right about the contrast about the typo but if you say contrast it can also be done with fonts width too. It is true that mixing two types of fonts will look more beautiful contrast but for the font installation hassle, I tried to make this contrast with the same font in different widths. If you measure this logo you will found that nothing is measured without the formula of the golden ratio. The gapes between icon, company name, and tagline is also maintaining the golden ratio formula. In my point of view if you give equal space between these three things then it will look kind of robotic type of view. That’s why I did not give the same equal spacing in between these objects to look it more naturally. And the spacing between all these objects is well maintaining the golden ratio. I have attached an image where you will find all the gaps and measurements of this logo. Please don’t take my words in a different way, I am just sharing my designing thoughts.

well, this is my comments taken from my rather long experience, u are free to do whatever u like out of it … (even nothing if u feel like it) I just tried to help, If u show me the golden ratio is good, well this is fine but the fact of the matter is that this is looking like so in the preview , besides, I feel strange that the concerned golden ration is varying between b and c , but maybe a flaw in my knowledge … anyway good luck for your next submissions