Need suggest free software for video recorder and video editor on Windows

Hey, I think everyone tried make a video then upload it on youtube, but it is very ugly with lowest quality. After all, do you wondering, why I cannot make a beautiful video like: a, b, c. :smiley:

So I want ask some free soft for video recorder and video editor on Windows. Hope hear some good suggests.

for recording you can use Open Broadcaster Software(OBS).You can find tutorials on youtube in order to learn how to use it.

In terms of video editing, I don’t know.Try to search on google for some open source video editing programs.

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I tried search before open my topic, I always got Windows Movie Maker for suggest, but the features not enough for me.

However, thank for your answer.

You can use Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Lite for video editing. First it is a color correcting tool but it has also some powerful editing features.


Did you try it? The free version have features for screencast and editor? I just want some features like: screencast monitor (make video tutorials), can blur screen, add watermark, can edit/remove frame.

Oh… You need something to record screen. DaVinci Resolve is only for editing. Sorry.

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My go-to option for recording video is ShowMore screen recorder, I often use it to make video tutorial, it’s quite simple to use. Plus, it’s totally free and it even provides built-in video editor.

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