Need suggest for music to use for our next Ferrari F1 promo video

To Fly
Aeronauts 2
Condemned to Happiness


Good Job,

This one could work well with such a project Rob:


I have plenty more of this same genre, but i feel these could fit best.

Hi Rob!

Please take a look at this one:

I think it could perfectly fit your concept. I’m also delighted to discuss any changes to the structure of the track, if you want the short version or something. Moreover, it can be a good addition to my item.

Hope to hear your thoughts on this!

Why waste your time trying to find something that’s prepackaged exactly the way you want? The chance of that happening are small. There are many very talented artists here. More than a few of them (myself included) can craft what you need based on your expectations.

You’d save time versus this cattle call.

Hey there! @MusicBoxStudios is totally right in this case. I think authors can make exclusive track for your video with proper movement and mood. Just pick author you’d like to work with.

Hi, Rob !
Please try this:


check out

Hi Rob!
Please take a look at this one:

Hi Rob!
Try these tracks:

Good luck!

something hybrid?

something hard?

or something more happy

exciting rock?

Hi Rob,

I would like to suggest this one:

Try to listen “Epic Digital Noise” is an epic digital sound pack with a lot of electrinic sounds. Good for as short trailers or movies presentations. There are 3 versions.