Need suggest for music to use for our next Ferrari F1 promo video

For the third year i will produce the official video of the Ferrari F1 (gen 2016). I need some suggest for a good music, electronic, starting with low rythm (describe the Fiorano track)… and continue with very high rythm. This is our 2014 video, i need a similar song:

any suggest please??




Please check out our Time Lapse tracks, its a little more elegant (not electronic) then the track in your video but i think it fits well.

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Hi Rob, I can suggest something a bit different, but with both calm and energetic parts:
I can edit if needed

…or maybe the instrumental version of this (play from 3:24)

If you don’t mind waiting about a week this track will be uploaded to audiojungle very soon.

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Hi! Here’s a suggestion.

Electronic drum and bass, very energic! Good luck! :smile:

GoodDay , Rob. I have “car presentation” track but i’m not sure about ferrari. I used saxophone. Anyway check this out , please. :cat:

I like your track but we should to work on it…i would like to send you an email. This is mine:


Good luck.

May be one of this tracks:

Just to consider…

Hi Rob: Please check out this electronic track. It is quite similar yet very powerful and dynamic.

Battle Games

Good luck with your project!

Hi, try these tracks:
Extreme Power

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

This should do well and was designed just for your type of video!

Any edits needed will be easy for me to accomplish at no extra cost.

Hi robyr1, some suggestion:
Smart Machines 4
Smart Machines 2
Smart Machines

Ferrari rocks brother.
If you considering any rock tracks check here



Ferrari definitely is powerful! ! Fury on the road, and this is perfect for this! :slight_smile:

All the Best!

In case you’re looking for some EDM which should work great :smile:

Hope to see Vettel win next year :wink:

Here you go, mate!
Lots of sports action in this one:


Thanks to all guys!! but this music must to “tell” a real story, so should be quiet at the begin and at the end of the video, but the middle ,part must be with a good rythm and “motivational”. Here is the story:

The new story begin at the Fiorano track…some timelapse watching
clodus and asphalt, some corner, from the window of the box we are
watching the track…everithing is quiet…then, we are inside the ferrari
factory, some technician are working on the pc, someone are drawing
some beautiful lines of a new car…a drone are flying on the
track…starting from a fast movement on the asphalt, and showing a big
part of this track. In this time we are watching a foot of one of that 2
pilots, wich is going to the car…wich is covered by a big red
towel…with a lot of wind on it. The background is totally black and we
have a big front light…music rythm must to increase…and the car are
turning slowly (these shots are in slow motion ). Now those 2 pilots are
very close to the car, some smoke come from the car, and the wind
increase untill will show the car completely. They are happy to see
this new monster! This is our story, video is too much dynamic
but with a good melody, and we have too many slow motions that we want
to tell with very high rythm. Anyway, the video must to start with a
light and quiet rythm. .the middle must to increase exponentially, and
the end of the video must be quiet…

What do u think? Lenght must be around 2:30