need somthing like this audio

Well I guess you’re gonna have to spend your time sifting thru lots of files like everyone else does. It appears this shortcut is not working.

example i like this one as well:

actually i find if I search on trending items it will be more usable that see all items
example this one is really amazing

Hi @Mohammad_Rasool
I completely understand what you want and I’m sure I can make it so. Right now there is nothing available in my portfolio but if you are still interested in logos like your sample I’ll send you several tracks in 12 hours.
Thank you.

In order to make a good one , that matches with your video , it would be nice if you would show us a ‘sample’ of how the video will look like!

Hi Mohammad_Rasool - I have a new logo that may work for you.
Power Logo


I shod hear audio first then create video base on audio .
if I like it it will get me idea to make video
audio has love . :heart_eyes:

:tulip: thanks but not good for me :bouquet:

thanks all for answers but If I love one of them I will tell :bouquet: