Need someone to check a AE file

I have a file that is working fine with AE CS4 & CS6 on Windows.
A customer is complaining about several issues with hi AE CC 2014 on Mac.
I want someone with AE CC 2014 to check this file for me. Ofcoarse i won’t put the file here (confidential).
If anyone eager to help, kindly let me know and i’ll send you the file.

What are the issues?

That is what i need to sort out.
As i’ve mentioned that the file have been tested on AE CS4 and CS6 on PC.
My client complains that its not working on his Mac (CC 2014).
He said that there are hundreds of errors occurring when he opens the file.
Then he’s unable to edit the template.
I just wanna make sure it’s not his machine that i’m concerned about.
So if you may allow, i’ll send you the file and you just need to open it and check 3-4 comps and that’s all.

I’m running CS5 on OSX and could take a look.

I’ve got CC 2014 on a PC.

I have Mac CC 2015 if you need the latest version :wink:

What do they mean by ‘not working’? That could mean so many things. Missing files, missing fonts, expressions errors, language issues, missing effects. Were there AE errors? Did it crash? When did it crash? The client should be able to tell you.

I’m just saying… there’s a lot of troubleshooting that could save some time without having to open the file on another computer.

I can help you if you still need help. I have a Mac and PC, all versions of AE except for 5.5