Need some opinions on a theme I'm about to submit for review...


I just completed my new Wordpress Blog Theme and I’m about to submit it for review. I’m looking for some foeedback on the look and feel of my theme for a Personal Blog. Open to Suggestions :slight_smile:

Here’s the screenshot:

Here’s the link to the demo:

Thanks in advance,

Hi, here’s my opinion:

  1. bad logo
  2. titles too small & not interesting
  3. too many different image types
  4. bad footer
  5. everything out of grid


Thank you for your time and opinion on my theme. I will work on your suggestions ASAP :slight_smile:.
Apart from these 5 issues, everything else looks neat right or there’s anything else I will have to work on?
And I didn’t quite understand what you meant by :

If you could elaborate on that it would be greatly helpful :smile:

Thanks again,

Well look at header and look footer section, it looks like header is in one grid, then subfooter is wider and bottom footer bar is again wider than subfooter…what you need to do is to make sure all sections are same width (in grid)

Got your point! Will work on it. Thanks a lot!