Need some music suggestions for a training video.

Hi Stephen,

I think something from these suggestions below can be suitable too.

Or something like this:



Hello Drywater, I will not go crazy, too much information. I simply invite you to listen to this song:
It has representative elements of the typical music of motivate style and adds a great touch and enveloping. With character but downplay or attention to the images. I hope you helps, best regards.

:loud_sound: Hi,
Look at this and Good look!


Hello Stephen. We have tracks in various genres. We recommend you to listen to our bestsellers, as they are guaranteed best of the best. You only have to pick the right track. Hit the button below to browse our best selling tracks. Contact us if you have any questions :blush:


Eager to hear more info on this. Meanwhile, here´s two suggestions:

The more mellow/calm option with steadily developing arrangement:

The one with lots of “drive”, could work depending on what the company manufactures :smiley:

I know this one (tech inspiration) has been used for such a project. Maybe it’ll suit your one too?

Thanks! One of your tracks is actually the track I’m currently using. I’ll check your others too. Thanks again!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thats great drywater, I am glad I could be of help! :smiley: Good luck with your project!

You can try these:

I hope you will find what you’re looking for :smile:

You might find something from these collections:

How about like this ? You can use only one of that parts

Hello, Stephen. Let me introduce my work.

Hi - It would be great to have an example of what you don’t want…as well as what you do.

In any case - I invite you to have a listen:

Hi Drywater !
Please try this
Business-corporate collection The best and the CHEAPEST track you will find for your training video :slight_smile:

Hi Drywater,

Don’t know if your already provided, but i think two tracks of mine can be of use.
“Run” is more corporate
"Audition" is nice for a starting feel.

Hello, Stephen. Maybe something like this.

Hi Stephen !
Please try this: