Need some info about Theme selling

Hello Everyone,

I have started learning and developing WordPress themes. For the first time, I am thinking of selling one of my themes on ThemeForest. I have seen themes using some premium plugins like Wp-Baker along with others in their themes.

I wanted to know if these premium plugins are available to all the theme authors creating themes here. Coz somewhere, I have read that it is open to all authors but can’t find any document related to this. If the answer is Yes, how can I use this and any document regarding this?

And do I need to check my theme code quality against any plugin to verify if everything is according to the Envato coding standard? I am already using Theme Check and Theme Sniffer. So if there is any other plugin for Envato, please let me know.

Along with it please let me know some other useful URL which might be good for new comer like me.

Thanks & Regards


ad premium plugins: you need a permission from the plugin author to use such plugin in your theme. Get in touch with the author (for example via item comments) and he will explain what you need to do.

ad theme check: use this plugin

ad other links: make sure to read through all these articles: