Need some help with my website

Hello everyone!
I need your help to correcting the code on my website
For real i need to fix a couple of issues.

  1. As you can see, my “play buttons” (red) have not correct positions on layouts each items (if you move a mouse on it, you will miss to push it in most of cases), i cant fix it by myself to separete it from the titles (for ex. by “div”)
  2. This theme have an Ajax filter ( name “So EASY!”, try it) and when i use it, “play buttons” all are dissapears:( So, i think, need to fix ajax filter (probably)
  3. as i can noted, on mobile (cellphones) “play buttons” have incorrect views and i not understand - why?:frowning:
    Author of the template can’t make this fixes (may be he have no time for it).

So, please, help me with this issues
Thank you!

You can also drop me an email via gmail(at) to discuss the details.
Let me know if you would like to check some references so I can share some links




I will help you. Please check my personal message.