Need some help to find out the rejection reason

Hey folks!

Would appreciate your help & tips on why this Jazz item was rejected.

My personal thoughts: 1) shoud have worked better on the quality to make it sound more smooth (the sound seems kinda “uneven” to me in terms of balance) 2) Lacks some background music key points, i.e. too quirky and abrupt.

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Hi, l really like it. If l were forced to make up a reason, l’d reluctantly say:

  • Maybe the notes were all the same amplitude. I read somewhere that this is no longer allowed. Select --> “Humanize”
  • Maybe the panning was too wide, maybe the drums were too loud. I’m partially deaf, listening on headphones, & the drums don’t sound too bad in the left headphone, but they seem a bit loud in the right one.
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Hi, I still haven’t made it to get one track accepted so…take my suggestions very lightly. I think the drums sound a bit “midi” (I know it’s hard) and the hi hat sound has too high frequencies to sound “real”. The piano is probably too much quantized, or the velocity is too much the same. Did you play with a weighted keyboard? Sorry for the comments, as I said take them with a grain of salt :wink:

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Hi, the bass is too loud. The drums are tiny, harsh and too quiet (lost in the background). Bass and piano are too dry and the drums too wet. The drums don’t blend at all with the bass and the piano in the front. It sounds like we have our ears really close (inches) of the bass and piano and someone is playing a drums track loud on a old narrow sounding radio 30-50 feets further.

Hi hats should sit more in the treble, kick more in the sub/bass (I don’t ear one in your track). Nothing should never sounds eq narrow like that (in acoustic music at least). You need each instrument to peak somewhere more than others but still sounds large and with enough definition (enough low end and hi mid/treble). Your piano could add a bit more definition (just a bit). Kick drum could start at 0:16.

Composition and arrangement are nice (good vibe). Maybe add an instrument before the end (brass, sax, strings etc). It would give the track more direction and feel less repetitive. That instrument could sit well in the mid/hi mid of the spectrum.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile: