Need some help and suggestions with branding identity

Looking for professional logo and branding identity authors. I’m a college student studying media related course (filming, 3d, animation, etc) and making a branding identity is one of my project and I am so confused because of my lecturer.

She said opposite things to other students. In my case, she said “It has to be abstract.” while to my classmate she said “No, not abstract.” kind of confusing, really since I am so novice at this.

I’m into 3D, Filming, Coding and Design and my style is more like minimalist. (Simple, black, white, greyish styles). I am noob in making logo and branding. This is my first idea I came up with:

The // is the comment code. The square indicates my style. When I did research, I stumbled on to a logo on the net that pretty much almost the same with what I have came up with.

I am not sure what to add more or what to change so I made a thread here and if you guys have any advises and suggestions I would really appreciate it.

hi , according to me u should give more “unity” to the logo, by making the symbols inside interact with the square, if i were u i would make one of the bars cross the square and open it , then the square would be a symbol of discipline and the “open door” created by the slash now crossing will be a symbol of creativity and will also add a bit modernity , for me

I have found this very similar to a bank logo. It’s like a deutsche bank. It could create some confusion with the people. You could also check if you have a very similar logo design using a free online resource like the google images. Just paste / upload your designed logo their to find similar or identical designs so it could help you make revisions to your logo.