Need some feedback, please

Hello people!
My track was hard rejected and i don’t uderstand why. I’m in drum & bass music for several years. I know how to make such kind of music and i have releaes on labels too. I understand that AJ needs other structure and maybe simpler idea so i worked in that way. But track was hard rejected and no idea why. Can anyone say why this my track is not good for AJ?

I’m not an expert in this type of music. But to me it sounds descent!
Probably everything could sound punchier and bigger. Also, there almost no lows.
I would suggest you compare your mix to the top mixes in this genre to note differences in sound.

Not an expert either but it sounds well produced to me.

I wouldn’t let it get you down, AJ is pretty much a lottery on acceptance/rejects. There is so much music being submitted that is high quality it’s more about if you happen to appeal to the current reviewer I think, it’s a pretty subjective thing.

Most of the time in those kinds of feedback posts, the reasons for rejections are pretty obvious, but for this one, I’m not sure what the problems could have been. I think it’s pretty good (maybe it could be punchier, like a previous poster said, but I think the track still works in the present state).

Could it be that Drum & Bass is simply less in demand these days, so the reviewers are a bit more picky and are accepting less tracks in this genre?

Thanks for feedback guys! Really appreciate it! Drum & Bass music is huge and there a lot of sub genres. I made this tune as Liquid Drum & Bass so it doesn’t need very punchy drums. It should be gentle, melodic and nice. To Audio Trend - i don’t know what sound system do you use but low level is okay. If you have headphones or monitors where middle frequencies are dominating then yes, you might think lows are weak. But if you can listen this tune on subby system you’ll hear that lows are okay. To everyone - yes, i’m afraid it’s all about personal taste. I don’t know what reviewers think and what’s they’re looking for but we have such facts… Thanks for feedback once again anyway!

Thing is, your buyer most likely won’t listen to your track with a subwoofer.
From what I hear, lows are too weak indeed. The bass sounds subdued. Midrange synths are too loud in comparison to the drums and bass.

True. I saw/heard dnb tunes here on AJ where bassline reads well on my SENNHEISER (middle freq. bassed) headphones. But when i checked this tunes on my other headphones it was so much lows! Just too much! If i were customer i was shamed to buy such music. Well mixed tune sounds good on every system. In my case bass sounds good everywhere.

It’s a matter of taste. I didn’t want them sounding background. So it’s a not mistake.