Need Some Advice

Hello guys!
This composition was rejected by Audiojungle. Please give me some opinions, why?
Thanks in advance

Spring rain

I can hear some distortion on higher notes of the piano.

Nice track, but it’s distorting big time - the only time you should have distortion is if you meant to have it as an effect. What are you doing in terms of mixing and mastering? Curious so we can help you clean it up :slight_smile:

  1. The silence during the first 2 seconds
  2. Distortion

I like the composition though :slight_smile:

  1. სიჩუმე პირველი 2 წამის განმავლობაში
  2. დისტორშენი :smiley:

კომპოზიცია მომწონს :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys… I try to fix it, please listen and tell me are any distortions exist now?
this is new version: