Need some advice regarding UK business registration


Hi all,

Quick question. Myself and a friend are considering building themes, designs, plugins etc to make a living. Now, if we sold one or two, and didn’t make much money, we wouldn’t register it as a business, however,we’re aiming high. I believe we would need to register as a business with Companies House, as we’d be trading to eventually make a living out of it. Would this be correct? I’m happy to register a business, but if I don’t need to, legally, then I wont!

edit: I’m not asking for professional legal advice, I’m just wondering what people thought. I’d assume because we plan on making a living out of it, we would need to register it!

Thanks in Advance guys and gals!


As far as I’m aware you don’t have to register as a Limited Company until you’re earning over a certain amount per year (pretty sure this used to be £75,000). All the info is on the Government site :


Thanks mate - I think you’re correct, but for VAT (Which has now gone up to £81,000)

I’m going to speak to an accountant and see what they say - I’ll double check. If you’re right, I’ll buy you a beer :wink: