Need similar HTML theme with this Blog design

not looking for freelancers, only for suggestions, thank you!
Not WP or any other CMS, just HTML

I am looking for an HTML theme that its blog section, both list and details look like this website’s

To be honest that grid layout they use fo blogs can be found in thousands of items here.

You could get pretty close to the whole site with some of @medium_rare1 HTML templates such as Foundry or Stack

They use one of the best page builders on envato so tweaking it to look as you need would be much easier than most, and if you want to be able to blog properly then there are awesome WP versions of both items too.


@OceansAudio What? Your answer is completely irrelevant with my question, did you do it just to advertise your sound products?

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Ha sorry posted that in the wrong forum post will delete. Too many tabs open.