Need review

How do you consider my chances to be approved? Haven"t uploaded yet.



I can’t believe you don’t hear that your parts (guitar strums, percussion and guitar melody) are completely out of sync with each other?

As far as I know “out of sync” means “not falling on the same beat”. So, yeah, I kind of don’t hear it.

So, thats the first and main problem.

Ok, thank you, man. But (I don"t mean to be rude) have you hear about syncopating? I know that I have:)

Hi Denis,
I’m sorry to say but in my opinion you would not get these tracks approved.
Your music does synchopate but it quantises in a way that’s quite unnatural to the ear, and that isn’t commercially viable.
Good luck man.

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I also hear syncopation issues. In it’s current state it will most likely not get approved. The strings at 1:30 also don’t seem to fit very well.
It’s a good idea though. With some work I think it could be accepted.

Hello there. I will agree with the other guys friend. Your tracks are completely out of sync and badly mixed :confused: … Especially the first one, “Gentle Corporate”. I advise you to take a look at your Quantize and then mix your songs again from scratch. It sucks to wait 25 days and get a hard reject.
Good luck!

Hard reject on both… it’s so out of rhythm combined with unusual chords, the review team will move on within seconds of hearing the first track.
The second is a bit better, but has the same problems eventually further in the track.

Sorry, but if you are going to aim for sales in this overcrowded genre, you really need to be on top of your game. keep trying and take our advice positively!

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Delay on mute guitar is not the same speed

What’s wrong with the mix?

Your muted guitar is way louder than the rest of the instruments. I can barely hear your kick drum and the accoustic guitar. First thing you need to do, is to balance all those instruments in your mix. It’s a soft corporate track so, everything needs to be crystal clear. That’s my opinion on the matter, and I hope you find this helpful. :slight_smile: Good luck!