Need Review, always Hard Rejected since least 5 months

Help me please… :frowning:

Personaly - I would change font and this logo with green background for “N” just doesn’t look good. Overall image that you paste is little to small to watch this work.

Thanks :slight_smile: Hmm, could you have any suggest for the proper font please?..

i personally think there’s no problem with green but readability a bit

as for me the logo looks good , but u are facing several types of problems indeed. here people will consider the logo in very tiny size and anytime u have thin or small shapes , this is kind of incompatible, the problem is that in your case u have both … the logo looks very good but with the current policy here , this is hard to make with that many details and this thin elements of the logo. I also tend to believe that one or two previews are rather weakening a bit the good feeling that people should have with your logo nd that they thus would have to be taken out, many guys try to set a whole lot of preview color tries and so on when they do not need to and in the end, thy display options that are not so flattering for the work … making both reviewers and potential buyers experience less “wow effect”, but u have a great base to work with :wink: i think that u should try like this somewhere else, now that’s up to u to try to fix things up and resubmit :wink:

Sorry but no, I can’t say which font … I’m just not logo designer , but this looks to “standard” for “unique” logotype - because logotype should give effect of unique …