Need replacement masonry portfolio theme urgently, please help with suggestions

I am currently using:

(“Illustrator?” by Edge-Themes).
I have used it for about three years now.
But it has now stopped working (I guess because of WordPress updates).
What doesn’t work anymore is the masonry display, so when you enter the site, you get the top menu and the footer and no content.
I have tried their update (uploaded last October) and ftp’d it into the appropriate theme folder, but there was no change regarding the lack of display of the masonry portfolio, and there are now conflicts with some of the custom CSS/HTML I had added in.

The personal sites I have this theme are: and (the last is the one I tried the update with, since it’s the smallest portfolio site I have, you can see the conflict I mean in the footer).

The way this theme works regarding portfolio pages is that it doesn’t use actual pages, but portfolios. You edit similarly to a regular WP page.

I have looked but I don’t see anything that works similarly within Themeforest.

Any suggestions? (preferably something that doesn’t require manual upload/updates via FTP, but something more friendly with a very superficial knowledge of front end html and css - I’m a content creator, not a developer).

Oh, and my budget max for this is $50. These sites don’t generate any revenue, and I’m not freelancing at the moment since I have a full-time job, so they are there merely because I recently paid for my multi-site host for two more years, and you never know when you might need them again to find work or freelance jobs.