Need recommendation for new Wordpress theme

I’m going to be building a site that features 5 main retirement services. They will be featured equally on the home page.

When clicked, they each need to have a good use of in-depth information for tertiary (interior) pages.

Then all those tertiary pages lead back to one single inbound form page for lead generation.

Hinge Marketing has a site structured similarly.


I think you might just want to go for a theme with a page builder. The homepage sections (or services) are each a row with a background image, a heading, a text box and a button. Then you can build separate pages for each service,. Where your pages lead to is entirely up to you - you can just insert a button or callout at the end of each service page that leads to your contact form.

We’re of course partial to our Total WordPress theme:

But you really can’t go wrong with any of the top selling WordPress themes on Envato since most include page builders:


Thanks guys

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Hi there @expio

Drop me a message, I can help you out creating the entire site instead. This way you don’t have to think about it!