Need product images for an E-Commerce WordPress theme demo




I’m in the process of creating the demo of my upcoming e-commerce theme and I’ve searched many of the stock and free photography websites but I’m just unable to find a good amount of product images that I can use to showcase a hypothetical online store as the demo of my theme.

So please let me know what resource do authors here use for the same purpose. This is an example of a demo in which are the kind of images that I need.

Thanks a lot!


did you try and, these sites has a good collection of free images. i hope this helps!


@aPurpleLine - hello. This is a great question and I found the best way to use great ‘free’ product photography for your store would be to go and do a search in the creative commons section of flickr for example:

You may have to give a credit for the photographer, and some creative commons images can be used only for non commercial use, so check the licence and use accordingly.

Hope that helps, warmly, L