Need Price Quote Calculator Plugin

I need to have a quote and order software application built for my website. I simply want to copy and modify an existing quote/order web application from a similar company. The website is I want to mimic the quote caluclator script and modify.

How web application works (user):

  1. User requests quote by filling out (8) requested fields (pickup location, delivery location (the cities, state zip code should be auto populated), vehicle make (all vehicle manufacturers), vehicle model (all vehicle models), vehicle operable (yes or no), transport type (open or enclosed), estimated ship date (within 2 days, next week, within two weeks, later than two weeks, and email address).

  2. User is then taken to quote page. Two prices will be generated (Regular Price and Discounted Cash Price). The user could edit the previously entered data and prices would be adjusted appropriately. All data from this page will be collected in spreadsheet (google sheets or similar)

  3. On the quote page, the user then has the option to select a quote and place order. After which they will be taken to an order form, which will request various data (e.g. Customer info (name, phone, email, address), Pickup contact info, Delivery contact info, Vehicle details (year, make, model, VIN).

  4. Once order form is filled, the user will be taken to order review and initiate payment type and enter their credit card. We will want to integrate a payment gateway.

  5. Data collected from the order will be collected in spreadsheet (google sheets or similar).

How quotes are calculated:

‘Regular Price’ is determined by adding Lane rate (state to state) + vehicle surcharge (rates assigned to each vehicle type e.g. small sedan $50) + city surcharge (specific rates added to specific cities) .

‘Discount Price’ quote is determined by subtracting 7%.

I will have a more detailed scope of work and design once contracted.


What CMS will you use on your site? This what you want it must build from scratch , there is no out of box solution.
So be prepare to gave some budget to pay.

If you want you can contact me with more details.

Looks good. What would you estimate the cost for my calculator?

I’d be willing to do that once I get a ball park estimate of cost. You can view a better description of my project with examples here:


Sorry my budget is $750 and have received quotes in this range from others. Thanks for your interest


Yes $750 is my budget.

I’d suggest looking on - those are vetted freelancers and you get a degree of official protection via the network