Need powerful ecommerce script with Multi Vendor system

For one project, you need a powerful e-commerce script with Multi Vendor system.
The project is quite large (more than 50,000 products, about 70 sellers), this requires maximum security, maximum speed and great functionality.
I looked at the ready-made scripts, the authors’ promises are good, but in real life, I don’t know if it will work as promised.
Is it possible to use ready-made scripts for such large projects? Or do you need to create your own from scratch? Or can I take the finished script and redo it?
Need advice from professionals. I will need help for the reward. If someone has their own similar script, you can work together.
Any advice is needed. Waiting for your advice, messages (Partnership possible)
Sorry for the bad english.

This is better built to purpose - that is a lot that could go wrong if something breaks or if support stops you are in trouble

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