Need Plugin(s) to Create Frontend Posts, Pay per Post and Notify

Hello everyone,
I need to find a WordPress plugin or a combination of plugins that will provide the following:

  1. The user will be able to create a post from the frontend by filling up a form
    There will be different forms available with different fields like title, content, upload image, upload file etc
  2. Each form will provide different fields and will have different cost.
  3. The user will register, may confirm registration, select a form, fill it up, submit the post and go to a payment page to pay for the corresponding cost.
  4. The user will have a frontend (or backend) dashboard with several pages like “My Account”, “My Posts”, “My profile” etc
  5. The user will be able to access and edit the post, see its status etc. The initial post’s status will be “Pending”.
  6. Once a post is submitted or edited, the admin will receive a notification email.
  7. The admin will receive notification emails for payments too

As far as here, I have found a plugin that do the trick (WP Frontend User Pro does all these but there are so many bugs that actually… it doesn’t).

However, I need more since these posts will be published to other websites too, I need the admins of these website to be aware that the post is published, get the post’s link, view it on the frontend, notify somehow that they published the post to their website and provide the corresponding link.

So, I continue:
9. There will be 2 users groups
10. The admin will be able to go to the post’s page and select a users group
11. When the admin change the post’s status to “Published”, a notification email will be send to all users of that group
12. This email will include the link of the published post
13. Each user of that group will have he’s own credentials to login (which will be provided manually by the admin)
14. The user of the group will log in at the frontend, view the post, provide a link and press a button like “I published it” button
15. Once this button is pressed, an email notification will be sent to the admin and the user created the post, including the name of the user of that group and the link he provided.

That way, both the admin and the “client” submitted the post will be notified that the post is published to that link.

That’s it. End of story.

I know I am asking too much. May be there is a plugin providing all that stuff, may be there is a combination of plugins that can handle the situation, maybe it is something impossible to achieve.

Any hints, tips, advices provided will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.