Need partner on theme forest

I am web and Graphic designer. i have Designed nice clean and elegant charity layout. Almost design is done. And i have attached a design if any Author want to work with me as a partnership. So please contact me.

You should share a demo pic to give developers an idea of what they are getting involved in esp if it is not an approved design

i can show you design so please add me khurram.khan235 this is my skype id

I’m not the right person to share it with as I am not an author - I just mean that if the item is not approved then most (decent) authors will be hesitant about you not wanting to share it publicly.

While of course your prerogative - no one can rip your design once you have shared it publicly and most time (not all) when people don’t want to share designs it suggests a lack of confidence in the item.

charlie4282 Please have a look i have attached a design so please give feedback about design.