Need option to change URL slug

I submitted the a product to CodeCanyon [Dear Web Encryptor : Protect the Source Code of HTML, HTML5, BootStrap website], it could protect only the SourceCode. But after a major update, it can now protect the text content, image content, and SourceCode of html5 website. So, I changed the name to [Dear Web Encryptor : Protect both Content and Source Code of HTML, HTML5, BootStrap website]

Unfortunately, there was no option to change Item URL slug.

Present URL:

Even, I want to minimize the URL to this URL:

although the minimized version (It does not exist actually) automatically takes it to product, but this is really peculiar.

I opened a ticket for solution, but they have no solution. So I am writing to the Engineers and Developers of Envato Marketplace to update the system that we can configure the URL slug separately at the time of product submission or product update.

Thank you,

You should contact envato support

I already did. but they have no solution. So, Envato should upgrade system

They update the system time to time to make it more user friendly, we hope that they will make those updates soon!

This is not due to a lack of feature or “outdated system”. A fixed URL is 100% intentional.

It used to be that changing the item’s name would change the URL, but this was having negative effects on SEO, so they made it only change the item name and keep the URL the same.

You will not be able to change the URL.

Here is the official forum post on this topic.