Need number size for document of ilustrator cc

hi to all:

I need make a logo with 3000x3000 pixeles 300 dpi? It’s wrong or not? please help me urgent thanks regards.

hi buddy, i don’t know what your problem is , normally illustrator creates 300 psi by default, so all u need to do is just set the size to 3000x3000 pixels, anyway , if u ever create with illustrator, this is to have vector and if u have vector, then u do not really need to worry about the size as u can scale up or down without problems …

Sorry, the truth I not make the logo many time not upload for seller because I am student in unversity for that I already remove in my university this semestre until other year, Ito take advantage of this time I want work in graphicsriver.

Now i understand for you says not need size is normally :slight_smile: but I not know it sorry but again thanks regards.