Need Multiple login customer website with template choice option-just like Nowfloats



I am looking for a multiple login customers website just like
If any one can help ?
Ask me If any further details required.
they have customized admin dashboard, and customer have the option to choose template from the given choices. Maximum I need 10 templates in it, that can be managed from single dashboard. Every customer will have there own login detail and anything client changes in that dashboard should reflect back to his website.



You can hire someone from Envato Studio Website Programmer they will make that as you want.



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You won’t find this on a stock marketplace.

This isn’t a template - it’s a platform or software plus envato licenses prevent items being used in “on demand” or “sass” products

As @unlockdesign said you could hire someone at to build it BUT you would want to see some serious evidence of previous work as it’s not a simple build and anyone who quotes less than into the thousand $ is not someone worth working with


99% of people on this forum expect to build new Paypal or Facebook or something else from template and few plugins and that is all out of box and budget is 100$.