Need more idea for my current login script to Improve its Quality and Sales too

Here is my current PHP script which already at Codecanyon Click Here.

I want to improve my current script for more sales ofcourse and so through i want your’s best idea and suggestions to improve my script.

Which Features i put it on my script to improve its overall effect to buyers eye.

Here are list few of my script’s main features already implemented on it.

  • Social Login using [Facebook,Google, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • One profile multiple social connect features.
  • Auto location
  • Seperate user login
  • Google New reCaptcha
  • Admin Panel with all settings and
  • Modal version too.

I implemented Material design and now plan to implement Bootstrap design too.
The current script have already made on modern idea and works fine on all platform and already receive high ratings of buyers but i still need improved version and gives the best one to buyers.

Kindly reply back with best idea of your’s.

Thanks and Regards,