I need a premium theme where Models & Casting Directors can Create A/c and respectively apply for modeling jobs & cast models accordingly.
There are lots of job portals out there that are serious in look where I can’t use it for casting jobs platform.

I’m ready to develop my site work, I’m waiting for the theme only.

I want envato to make a premium & colorful MODELING JOB PORTAL WP Theme which is so demandable right now and Its a crying need for the casting agencies.

There are plenty of model agency themes:

Or job portal ones:

“Modeling job portal” is way too specific of a niche and you will unlikely find a theme exactly for that.

I don’t need ‘Modeling Agency’ themes. I need “Modeling JOB PORTAL”.

I understand, and as I’ve said, you will most likely won’t find such a specific theme.

“Modeling JOB PORTAL”s demand is getting high. Do you have any plans to develop this?
I wanna be its first buyer.

I can’t see this being made for here. As @LSVRthemes said it’s far too niche for the complexity to develop

Surely there are off the shelf or white label software for this?

Developing such an advanced theme can take many months, so even if someone decided to make it based on this thread, you won’t be seeing it anytime soon. Your best bet is to buy some existing Job Portal theme and hire a developer who can customize it exactly to your requirements.

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