Need Ionic APP customization


Anyone can customize this app ?



yes i can do it for you… Can you please elaborate about the customization’s and changes required

Please contact via email so that we could have an overview and will proceed with your project within the most least possible time

I need to modify 1 page (Our ministries) to work like in the attached images. Let me know if you have questions.

More details:

In the first Ministries page we want to add :

  • Countries drop down, used to count praying people by continent and by country
  • When toggle ON is pressed +1 will be added
  • When the user leave the ministries section or leave the app
  • 1 is added
  • Language drop down is used to play audio files (by language) when ON toggle is pressed.
  • Audio file will turn off when user close ministries section or app
  • Create countries table in back end with option to add / edit / delete 1 intention (text) to each country!


What is it ? I found ready-made items. I need to customize my App.

Envato Studio is somewhere to find vetted freelancers and because it’s all through an envato channel there is a degree of protection.

yes i am comfortable with the scope. I have offering my services at envato market since 2015.

I will deliver great results. Please contact via my email so that i can proceed next with your work.

Looking forward to our positive business relationship

I found this page >
What do I choose ? I need to fix and customize my App

You can contact anyone there you want (worth checking ratings and reviews) or speak to @promotionking above

I will fix and customize you app please forward your email or simply send your request at my envato codecanyon profile via email

Thanks i am at standby just waiting for his complete details via email :handshake: will proceed with his customization request asap