Need Input for Template to post for approval

hi, We have tried 2 times with significant changes done for months. We are tired now, however this is discouraging that all you get is “Rejected” , no reason or things to improve or a error listed.

Anyways, this time i need input from all you guys, so that i can get input of things lacking or should be corrected for this Opencart Ecommerce Theme/template. We have seen templates which are not really worthy approved but not this :slight_smile:

The Theme is complete dynamic and managed by admin.
Please check here and give inputs please!

Appreciate your help in advance! Awaiting your valuable feedback guys!



It is very basic for TF, it takes a great job to be accepted.

The typography is very confusing, lack of typographical hierarchy.

It is necessary to work on the design in general.

good luck

  • Quite slow to load

  • Code validation issues

  • Is the inline CSS really necessary? Is there not a better way to load this?

  • various issues with general styling, typography alignment, spacing etc.

  • some elements really don;t work and feel very inconsistent from the rest of he template e.g. testimonials

  • if you are going to have that many categories then you should really have at least most them filled with products and not empty