Need improvements to videohive slideshow and music

Hi guys i just start to create a new videohive slideshow , this is footage from not completed project yet :

please give me a hint to improve my design :blush:

i’m not expert in this so much, but first you need to improve camera movements.

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Thank you for reply

Looks very good. I think you should add some preview images in to get a better idea of how it will look. I appreciate preview images shouldn’t make or break a preview, but as it’s very black and white at the moment, a splash of colour with some sample images might give a better feel for the finished product. Maybe a light leak or two, or a flare, could look good as well… would maybe temper the hi-tec look somewhat with a bit of organic light goodness.

That’s just me though. Others might have different (and better!) opinions.

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Thank you for response!

may i use images from downloaded google for preview ?

If they are under a Creative Commons license then you should be able to, as long as you don’t include them in the main file itself, and you still might have to credit each image in the description. Most people use Photodune images with attribution or there are a lot of sites out there with public domain or CC0 images like

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Thank you again!