Need Help - Wordpress Custom Development

I am creating portfolio slide show by using custom widget and sidebar.

<- div id="">
Slide show main image and content goes here
I have done this part
<- /div>

<- div id="">
Slide show thmbnails goes here
I dont know how to put thumnails
<- /div>

Is there any way to make a loop of any sidebar widget with just selected field. Like I want just image URL from my portfolio widgets for thumbnails.

I have wasted a lot of time on internet :frowning: to find a solution. I will be very thankful for your guidance and help.

Kind Regards

Hello there,

Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for but I could guide you or code it for you with an additional price.
If you’re interested in, you can contact me via the link below:

You can use OWL Carousel synced. It does exactly what you are searching to achieve

The sync.html is located in examples directory

Have a great day

Thank you @ki-themes and @ThemeSLR for your comments.

@ThemeSLR i am already working on OWL Carousel Synced now i am transffering my html work into custom wordpress template. Have a look on my codes i have done top of sync but i am asking about thumbnails.

Thank you in advance for your Next Comment.

Don’t get me wrong but it’s more like a job rather than offering help. Anyway, you can contact me anytime if you need.
Good luck!

@ki-themes I am not interested in your offer thanks.

@ThemeSLR i am still focussing this issue :frowning:

Can anyone help me about above issue ?