Need Help ! Woocommerce Wordpress Theme Has Been Rejected

I have resubmit woo-commerce WordPress theme but got reject. Why?

Any expert advice me ! why reject our theme and how to fix it ?

Please! Please! Please!


Where are the experts?

Please Suggest me.

+Change the fonts it’s hard to read

  • try not to make English text in rtl direction, it looks abrupt


  • spacing and alignment issues on footer on mobile screens

  • visual hierarchy issues here, the names are bigger and looks out of place, plus important information should stand out, you should move them to the top or something


+inputs and checkbox need a redesign they’re too basic

+Space and alignment issues here:

+increase visual hierarchy here, plus the text is too much and hard to read:

+the design is too basic, there’s so much themes like this already available, be creative with the design.

  • the footer is way too basic.

this is just quick inspect there maybe another problems do your recheck.

Best regard.

Lot of thank for Valuable feedback


Dear SlieoBaghouri or any expert can check our item before final submission !