Need help with this licensing terms

Guys i need help with licensing term

wrappixels wrapkit lite theme is free with MIT license, also they said it’s free for personal and commercial projects. So can i modify the theme (add pages, add elements, change sections) and sell it on themeforest?

here the link for the theme:

Please someone checkme and tell me about the licensing terms

thanks in advance…

ThemeForest requirements have updated at a very high level especially when it is about WordPress themes. To get approved you have to make a theme from the scratch with your own theme coding, not copy/paste job. So, if you use the free theme to make your theme then your item will get rejected for sure.

Worth noting that:

A) it clearly says commercial projects require the pro copy and for paying customers it’s the high end (and therefore most expensive) pro license

B) if you are not using something you created then you are inviting issues with support, bug fixes, updates etc (regardless of the limited updates the original author offers) which would almost certainly lead to a lot of refund requests

C) there’s a huge demand from buyers for page builders like Elementor or WP Bakery. Again if it’s not your code then integrating these seems unlikely or ambitious

If you really don’t want to start from scratch then just use Bootstrap framework. However, if you are serious about becoming a professional web designer, I would advice to do it from the scratch instead, to really push your limits and learn all the fundamentals. Using shortcuts when you are just starting out is not really a good idea IMHO.