Need help with the reviewer's soft rejection reason.

“Please remove all third-party brand names and logos from your preview media. You’re not allowed to use them in there.”

I used only grandterr, envato, videohive “brand names” in the preview. As I understand I can’t use grandterr ?

Depends on what is included in your media, if there is seen brand names like Apple, NASA, SAMSUNG … remove them, blur, mask them whatever you can to make them invisible.

There are no brands names except envato, videohive and maybe grandterr.
Is it ok to write an email to a reviewer?

Hello there. I checked into this and it appears one of the images you’ve used contains a “Fjallraven Kanken” logo on the backpack. All images/video need to be free of any 3rd-party brands, logos, advertising, etc.

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My friend you have to thank god it’s not hard rejected so do what ever they ask just use envato logos only and start earning :wink:

Oh, thank you :slight_smile:

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Ok )

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