Need Help with the Projects Section

I work for a non-profit childhood cancer foundation and we are using your theme here ( which we love but having trouble with one aspect and were hoping you could help. We have a developer but we are trying to keep our budget down as much as possible so I have been trying to build this site myself.

I love the look of your projects option, we want to use that for our featured annual fundraisers but some of the pre-built items do not make sense with what we are trying to use it for… For example, the url would be, and at the bottom of the project page it says related work. Is there anyway to change either of those features? I would love the url to say fundraising instead of projects and the related work to “Other Fundraising Opportunities”.

It would mean a great deal to me if you could help me get this figured out… I am so impressed with this theme and how simple it has been for me to work within. I just need to figure out how to do this final piece.


I feel in reading this, perhaps you posted this question to the wrong area?

It is better to contact the author of that theme to get buyer support with it. They usually can help the best.

What you’re referring to is the ‘language files’ inside that theme and chances are, there are options for this.

Most developers / authors will code their premium themes in a way that is suitable and usable by the masses.

This means, lots of buyers will need to customize it, include text, language, etc.

Here is a link directly to the theme you’re referencing and maybe you should post your question there: (see the comments)

Hope that helps. All the best.