Need help with submission standards

Hi everyone,
I recently submitted two items on themeforest and both got reject for quality reasons. Can anyone please help me with the CSS, JS and HTML standards that need to be followed in Envato submissions (Any links or examples). I have seen the templates by other authors. My HTML markup seems to be similar to their’s but every author uses different jQuery plugins for functionality and styling.
Below are the live links to my submissions.

There’s no defined standards or guidelines for HTML templates but you should ensure best practice coding, unique design and use the latest versions of frameworks or scripts where possible.

Just looking at your files - with respect they both need quite a lot of work.

the first link:

  • there’s small but still avoidable validation issues

  • generally the design is a bit outdated and unoriginal

  • it needs more premium features, functionality etc especially in such a crowded category

  • there’s mobile performance improvements to be made

  • the design basics like spacing and esp typography need work for example (am only able to see it on a mobile and iPad) it looks like there is no visual hierarchy through the copy, titles etc.

The second is one to abandon - the basics are all over the pace here, nav doesn’t work on mobile, design is way out from the necessary standards.

If you want to go after a crowded category then there is extra pressure to find unique value and the design/code will need to be pretty flawless.

I suggest looking at some of the popular files and consider:

  • the attention to detail on their designs
  • their quality in design and code
  • the features and concepts that they offer (do not fall into the quantity over quality trap but there still needs to be premium and distinct value

@charlie4282: Thanks a lot for your feedback. ThemeForest only tells that its not good enough but doesn’t tell you what is missing. Thanks for pointing out.

They do tell you what’s wrong when you get closer - the generic message is only when there isntoo much to feedback on and really it’s actually the right approach in those situations.

Good luck

I’ve tested the templates in responsive mode and also on the mobile devices that I have. The responsive layout was rendered as expected. Can you suggest any other ways to reliably test a responsive website.

Were you talking about dysfunctional or broken responsive designs.

Using an iphone he photo one is ok but jellyfish - the nav opens but it doesn’t do anything when options clicked e.g. about/contact

Testing website by changing browser size is really no substitute for actually trying it on devices (mostly cos of operating system) but there are other tools etc. which can help (just check they are not using iframes at different dimensions which is pointless).

Check out consistency in widths & empty space either side

email field and button too close

Again these are just some of the things and with respect I really think you need to take time to familiarize yourself with basics and start over as getting these approved is going to mean completely overhauling them to a point it would be easier to begin again

Now seeing these on a PC…

  • Section padding is way off

  • empty space on about us under text doesn’t work

  • typography and spacing everywhere really needs a lot of work

  • contact form feels lost

  • footer widgets are misplaced

  • the photo concept is far too basic for this category

  • Nav does nothing on jellyfish on any device

  • this one is not even close in terms of features, functions, layout or design quality

I know it’s frustrating but you really would be wasting your time trying to get these approved.

@charlie4282 I’m definitely starting over. I’m not pressing to get these approved.

The nav was left blank on purpose just like sometimes people leave a Facebook or Twitter link in a template blank (href="#"). It’s a landing page. I thought the buyer could put the links of his website pages there. I have seen quite a few demo templates leave the links blank.

CSS design awards reviews websites but you are only suppose to submit when the website is flawlessly designed. Are there any ways to get the template professionally reviewed before submission?

These forums are a good place to start - designing for envato or stock markets is quite different from traditional work, and the community here are more familiar with the standards expected