Need help with soft reject.

I apolgogize to keep writing about this rejects in the forum but there are some things that I literally have no clue what they mean.

  1. Site title must be there by default:

  2. Don’t hardcode the text transformation, use an external stylesheet for that:

  3. Remove this please:

Thank you.

3 - You have some file in your project /theme which need to be removed/deleted .ds_store which is hidden. On your PC/Mac enable Show hidden files, find that file and delete.

2 - ‘COMMENTS’ replace with ‘Comments’ and add CSS selector like

h2.title {
text-transform: uppercase;

1 - I am not sure 100% about this but probably is following (I will try to explain):
In all my themes I always have the default logo and that default logo is always set by default when you install the theme (of course, there is an option in Customizer to remove/set your own logo).

But when you don’t have this default logo (which was a case with my Volos theme - it is designed without logo), by default I show the site title and description and I have a option to hide this text in Customizer.

You can see from my “installation video” here - - by default (in top left corner, bellow the menu burger) I have a Site Title (Volos) and Site description there but after that I am hiding that because I don’t use that in my demo.

I think, that is what they are asking to change/fix.

  1. I don’t have such file, I set the view to show hidden files and I don’t see this file this is why I don’t understand.

  2. Thank you it makes sense.

  3. I see what you mean but you have a sidebar there with the menu, I also have this and I do show the title if a logo is not added in the theme admin both in the vertical menu and horizontal menu but the reviwer is showing a single blog post, where exactly I am supposed to add the title, I am so confused about this :slight_smile:

I appreciate your replay it was very helpfull.

You’re experinced author. Why don’t understand these simple issues ?

Because this are new things to me and I am very insecure, for example I had a _my word in one of my functions name, it was called something like get_my_clients and the reviewer told me to remove the my which makes no sense this is one of the reason and many others why I am very insecure when it comes to the reviwer requests and I don’t want to mess it up, I woked 16 months on this theme, it is my first theme and I am in frenzy mode :slight_smile:

I apologize if I stress anybody here is not my intention.

Who is reviewer?

Right now @ emiluzelac