Need help with rejected wp theme

Hello guys,

Can you help me understand why my theme was rejected

A reason for rejection must have been written in the reasons section.

It was hard rejected so no reason was provided.

It’s pretty nice and you are no beginner author.

It must be to do with how crowded that category is and the need to add something new in terms of features and functionality to stand out

I have made research already before working on it and News/Editorial is not crowded category, there is around 350 items only out there, only 1 item is specified in travel news.

Maybe the idea behind travel news/magzine theme is not accepted in that category ?

Looks like there are quite a few other travel magazine blogs etc. but not in that category.

I am not sure how much attention the reviewer pays to the exact category or if they just consider a more general search for travel magazine or similar

What I see here it was rejected for a reason other than quality standard because it does meet already the standard.
This is sounds to me like a random reject, I have reached the support for more clarification about it.
Do you have any suggestions or recommendation ?

Theme is beautifull

It looks like a theme that would have been approved five years ago… just an honest thought…

well old is gold

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thank you