Need help with rejected Powerpoint Template

My recent powerpoint template was rejected and I have checked them tiwce but still don’t know why. Please take a look at them and could you tell me why it has been rejected?

Preview image

My files have 2 option colors black and white, 50+ slides, PPTX only and 16:9 ratio with dimension 1920x1080. My template does not contain any images or logos or any other un supported graphic elements. The fonts I used is Coco free template and Fogie Thin

hi for me the main reason is easy to understand … this is contrast! contrast is a basic design principle and thus something definitely something not to mess with as there are multiple impacts and this brings u in a snowball effect to deal with a good deal of additional troubles, if u wish … Let’s talk the talk, the item - sorry in advance to tell u the ugly truth but Id’ rather tell u so that u can figure out, ok? - as such is not efficient at all and could even be judged as unuseful … The fact of the matter is that the contrast thing that I referred to has huge repercussions. The texts are pretty unreadable and the hierarchy is being very badly impacted some items being slightly a bit more visible actually turn out not to be the most important ones … In addition, the logo does not look credible and rather than taking the item to the next level is likely to do the other way around out of breaking the “style guideline” and also out of bringing a discrepancy between the "luxury industry theme " and the way u materialized it in the item. Most of luxury things will look timeless and classical and would definitely have such typo as the one u have for the logo , this is the bottom line. Let’s also point out that a powerpoint is made to be projected on a wall or on some support and that such a lack of contrast is also a problem as regard to this. As a designer , u are supposed to take into account how people will use an item so that u can prevent some possible problems related to the way people are going to use the template. As far as the global style goes, I think that there is not so much graphic design here , I identify that luxury things are likely to look rather minimalistic but if u consider from a buyer side what u have included in the main file once photos have been taken out for the zip file, I guess u can imagine that this maybe disappointing for the buyer. There is also a lacking of breathing, in particular when when it comes to the header. U should increase the space between the top margin and the header elements so that they are given more impact, exposure and attention. Also keep in mind that such an item is a template and a corporate item too, in other words that the organization and such things as spacing and alignment must be flawless. this is not at this stage, look at the space between circles around the main pictures , the space is varying indeed. Finally the typo must be given a bit more work , I guess, expectations here are pretty high in terms of typo, variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality are more than welcome. Typo is certainly the main focus in GR no matter where u are posting and no matter what is the category that u belong to …

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