Need help with plugin Woocommerce Checkout Fields & Templates


I sell ecourses with (important) guidenance emails (using an autoresponder).

What I need is at final step is that a customer, when he buys an e-course, he can fill out a his name and email for the autoresponder emails. This form must be integrated in the checkout form.

Therefore I’ve bought the plugin Woocommerce Checkout Fields & Templates

I’ve tried the ‘html’ field, but the form doesn’t ‘remembers it’.

I’ve asked the author already and this was his reply:

"With HTML field, our plugin will filter your HTML tags to verify that it’s suitable and do not contain any security problem that can lead to exploiting on your checkout page.

With that filter, it might make your HTML output missing something, so it will not work properly.

Also, if your HTML contain <form…> tag, it will be automatic removed, as for there’s a tag of woocommerce there, and it do not allow 2 tags."

So I understand that I must do something with that filter but I cannot find it and the author doesn’t responses anymore.

Can somebody help me, please?

Thank you!