Need help with my woocommerce store

I need pagination put on 3 pages of my woocommerce store. I noticed on my theme that only the /store page had pagination and I need pagination put on 3 category pages I created.

I was told from the theme developer (I purchased a theme here at

“Such an option, unfortunately, does not exist within the theme, we are sorry. Achieving this will require some custom coding”

I’m willing to pay but I don’t know how to contact on envato studio. Do I contact a PHP guy, do I contact anyone who can customize wordpress themes, do I contact only someone who deals with woocommerce software? I don’t want to spend $200-$300 for someone to just add pagination to the 3 pages as to me that seems very expensive for the job.

If you think you can help me out, please reach out to me or if you know of someone who can help me out, please link me to them.

Thank you all very much,

Contact me maybe I could help ( please, state your budget as well )