Need help with my logo, rejected logo

Got rejected twice. Please help me… should we add envato watermark?

You made all the same mistakes as in the previous “logo”.
By the way, the author is not allowed to have 2 exclusive profiles, so you should either delete one of the profiles, or change one of the profiles from exclusive to non-exclusive.

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We are different team. Renoir Studio focus on film (footage/video) King Bee Studio focus on advertising, print material, etc. Both of them are under different owners even though we sometimes share for work. I can’t tell him to delete his account but maybe in the future we will communicate intensely to share our territory. Thanks for advice romlam.

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Regardless of who owns what account you need to be very careful about submitting previously hard rejected work from another account - that is a fast way to your account being banned.

That aside - as mentioned to the other author, the sports one is not a logo, it’s an illustration and even then the main component (the silhouettes) would easily be found for free online.

The other logo uses a key asset (the building) that looks extremely close to free graphics incl. one used in logo mock ups.

You need to focus on not just combining any assets with some text and more on original designs/elements created from scratch, and which have a greater cohesion with the names/ID/text

hi I am sorry but the Benson sport thing is simply not a logo , a t-shirt design or whatever u may like but not a logo , this is too detailed and it will not work as a logo for that matter. It is too extended also , too and the guideline as regard to color is really not clear to say the least …

for the Marion logo , apart from the deja vu feeling resulting from the illustration part ,indeed, there is a complete disconnection between parts if u ask me … why using a serif like font when there is nothing having any type of echo in the illustration part otherwise? same goes with colors, the black color comes out of the blue and is not even a good choice as this is proving the part with a sufficient contrast so that that this being helpful in any way. The imbrication of both parts could be improved by repositioning the text part slightly yup that would generate a bit more “connection” in the end …